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How to read your IKGA Registration Certificate

A.   Certificate Heading: (color coded for a specific type of KIKO)

       Gold  -   New Zealand Fullblood
       Silver  -   American Premier Purebred
       Light Green  -   Percentage


B.   IKGA Registration Number Structure:

                      YYX#####HHH* PPP (ZZ)

       YY - Year goat was born

       X - F = 100% Fullblood New Zealand; P = 94% + 

         (space is intentionally blank if less than 94%)
       ##### - Permanent number assigned by IKGA
       HHH - Your Farm Herd Prefix (3 or 4 digits)

        * - indicates the animal is registered Elite

       - % status 

       ZZ - parentage verification status


C.    Animal name and breeder information:

        Animal's registered name

        Breeder's name and full address

D.    Breeding, rearing status and litter size born:

        Breeding - Pasture Breeding (Natural), AI, Embryo Transfer            Reared - Suckled, Bottle Fed     

        # of Kids Born - 1=Single, 2=Twins, 3=Triplets, etc.

E.     Basic Registration information: 

         Percentage - Percentage of Kiko

         DOB - Date of Birth of animal listed on certificate

         Sex - MALE or FEMALE
         Permanent ID - Number assigned by IKGA
         Microchip - Microchip number (if used)
         Tattoo - Left and Right Tattoos (if used)
         Tag # - Ear Tag Number

F.     IKGA Classification:
        1 - New Zealand Fullblood 
        2 - American Premier Purebred
        3 - Percentage of Kiko
        4  - Elite (NZ, PB & % - ACTIVE MEMBERS ONLY)

G.    Pedigree information:

        Listing IKGA Registration Numbers of ancestors.

        NOTE: New Zealand Fullbloods MUST have all animals on the          pedigree from these specific New Zealand herd prefixes:                  GGL, CPR, HSL, SET, BTH, ARA, BAR, TLR,


H.    Original Document Verification:

        All Certificates have a watermark

I.     Authenticity Verification:

        All certificates have a metallic seal imprinted with The IKGA            Registrar Seal

J.      Performance Data:

        1 - Birth weight in lbs

        2 - 90 day weight in lbs

        3 - Ratio (compared to contemporary group)

        4 - Contemporary group size (number of kids in crop)

        5 - Litter size weaned (can be different than litter size born)

        6 - 180 day weight in lbs

        7 - Management style (level of supplementation)

        8 - DOB of dam

K.   Registrar Signature:

       Original signature, printed Registrar name & date 

Ownership transfers are recorded on the reverse side and stamped by the Registrar. 


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