Goat Rancher Magazine Annual Kiko Issue

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Goat Rancher Magazine Annual Kiko Issue

Postby Terry Hankins » Thu Mar 31, 2011 1:24 pm

For the past 10 years Goat Rancher magazine has dedicated the May issue to the Kiko breed. Again this year the magazine is inviting Kiko producers to submit photos and/or articles about their operations. This is a great opportunity to promote your farm or ranch and let Goat Rancher's thousands of readers learn about your goat enterprise. This also is a great opportunity to reach those folks who are shopping for Kiko breeding stock. Kikos are hot right now and Goat Rancher is the best place to advertise your livestock. For more information on submitting photos and articles or if you have questions about setting up your ad for the May issue, call 888-562-9529 or e-mail goatrancher@hughes.net.

Terry Hankins
Goat Rancher Editor & Publisher
(and Kiko producer!)
Terry Hankins
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