Kidding Twice a Year

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Kidding Twice a Year

Postby b-troyer » Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:16 pm

I was wondering if anyone had any experience kidding there kiko does twice a year. I know the major of farms have one breeding and kidding season a year. I was wondering if anyone has successfully had two kidding crops a year.
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Re: Kidding Twice a Year

Postby blackwell_goats » Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:51 pm

I haven't done it with my Kikos. We use to have our Nigerian/Spanish buck running year round with our play herd (because he kept busting the fences). Some of the does did kid twice a year but it was hard on them. So we finally managed to get his sorry butt contained in a pasture far away from the does. We do have two kidding seasons but we do this by spliting up our does and breeding this group in Spring for a Fall kidding and the other group in the Fall for a Spring kidding.

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Re: Kidding Twice a Year

Postby ngirgenti » Thu Feb 24, 2011 9:44 pm

I have tried to get 3 kiddings every 2 years with mixed results. You need good goats and good nutrition to pull this off. I have had mixed results. Not good when weather conditions were not favorable for cool season annual pastures.
The most natural and most common breeding program that most producers use is fall breeding for spring kids. I would start there. Target your 45 day kidding season for Feb. 1 - March 15. (This will vary for different parts of the country) If buck kids are weaned at 90 days, those does should gain body condition rapidly. Choose mature does with the best body condition, and expose them to the buck for 45 days in May-June for Oct-November kids. Most of them will cycle and concieve. These does could be bred again in May-June of the following year for Oct- November kids . This gives 3 kiddings in 2 years. I would give these does another 12 month kidding interval before trying it again.

This program is more management intensive.Two kid crops. More buck management. Fall kids usually don't grow as fast as spring kids. My personal experience is that it results in more single kids.
Advantages are that you have market goats to sell to your meat customers year round and when prices are best. Fall born doelings should be big enough (70% of mature weight) to breed by the following fall and will cycle naturally. Shortens the generation interval, and increases the rate of genetic improvement.

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